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I'm Nadia, founder of Alt: Living.  An online shopping destination, where each and every product is carefully selected by me to meet my strong values of being ethically made, locally designed/made or sustainable. 

I'm passionate about creating a community who share the same values.

I personally meet with the each creator to learn about their product.  From where it is made, with what material, by who, how it affects the community in which it is made, does it come in plastic? If so, I request for them to stop using plastic and to find an alternative, if this is not possible then I either reuse it in our deliveries to you or send it back to the makers for them to re-use.  

Each of our products has a great story to tell.  

These are just two of our awesome brands

Duffle & Co

By choosing Duffle&Co, you're showing the world that you wear your values. You're casting a vote for craftsmanship over mass production, climate positive design and a future that envisions a cleaner planet.
They support talented craftsman in Bali and South Africa, empower local communities, plant trees to restore biodiversity and wildlife populations, and offset our emissions by 120%.


Rolla Bottle was launched with a mission to help rid the world of single-use plastic bottles and to be part of the plastic pollution clean-up solution. As part of the Jellyfish 10 initiative, they commit 10% of all Rolla profits to the plastic-pollution clean-up solution via donation to various clean ocean campaigns and organisations working to remove plastic already in our oceans.


Made Ethically

Black Leather Crossbody -The Josie - Alt: Living

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