LIQUID CHARCOAL HAND + BODY WASH - kakadu plum + bush cucumber

Fazeek is a Melbourne, Australia based homewares company specialising in classic, modern homewares and designer soaps that are inspired by architecture and interiors.
Since debuting in Summer 2014, Fazeek linen, aprons and textile furnishings have provided a dash of artistry to tables at a number of local restaurants and a personalised touch to events.
Inspired by the popularity and success of the initial product launch, independent designer Jackie Fazekas has worked tirelessly to expand the Fazeek collections.

Gloriously dark and cleansing. Lather up in a burst of our kakadu plum + bush cucumber fragrant activated charcoal hand + body wash.

Naturally dark in colour, indulge in the benefits of activated charcoal - a natural remedy for tightening, clearing pores and also a fantastic every day hand + body wash. Suitable for all skin types. Prepare for glowing skin.

Proudly palm oil free // vegan // cruelty free // SLS free.

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