Elle Campbell

Bleeding Dogs, Elle Campbell


Elle Campbell is angelic, intuitive and magnetic. Her practice is raw, orgasmic and frenetic. This paradoxical dialogue underpins elements of the artist’s work, which awe-inspire and reveal intriguing interplays between colour and form, the past and present, the conscious and unconscious, and the permeability and impermeability of art, life and existence.

For the Perth-based visual and textile artist, painting is a way of life. Art has always been central to Campbell’s expression through myriad forms, particularly the kinaesthetic relationship formed with her natural surroundings as a child growing up on a farm in rural Dandaragan, Western Australia. 

Elle Campbell

‘Bleeding Dogs’ of SOMA and Nightmares is an original silk artwork by Elle Campbell. Dimensions 65 x 70cm. Hand painted and framed in Australia. 

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