Dindi Naturals

Conditioner 500ml lemon myrtle


As a mother of two, Pip Guyatt started experimenting with making homemade, natural soaps in order to reduce the skin irritations suffered by her eldest son. The results were amazing, and soon Pip began receiving orders from family and friends, and eventually from retail outlets.

Dindi Naturals is now renowned for making natural soaps and body products that contain NO toxic or synthetic chemicals; and that derive environmentally-friendly ingredients from areas of fair trade and sustainability. Pip's base is in the mountainous north-east region of Victoria, Australia, known as the Murrindindi Shire - hence the name Dindi.

We've been using this product for quite a while now and I really like how it doesn't leave a build-up on my scalp like most conditioners which contain silicone - ours doesn't! This one doesn't have any nasties and you may find, after using it for a while, that you won't need to wash your hair as often


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